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Raze 3

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"Raze 3" is the continuation of the legendary "Raze" game series. Everyone's favorite game has become so popular and desirable that the producers have decided to give fans another new, third part of the game. The essence of the game remains the same: the Earth once again is under attack of alien beings.To destroy them people have created “super warriors”, best soldiers-"Raze".After the destruction of the first invasion, the brave division was sent on vacation. But today, aliens have returned, and "Raze" division is the only hope for people. Your task is to protect humanity from the invasion. To win, enhance your specifications. The game also has the ability to play for enemies. At the beginning of the game you can choose the side of conflict - earthlings and aliens, and during fierce fighting, find out who is actually right.Soldiers of earth space assault squad are able to jump high and have powerful assault weapons. Alien creatures are also armed pretty well and have burning thirst for murder.Bloody clashes in tight junctions of underground base will cause serious adrenaline rush.It is only necessary to periodically replenish stocks, finding them in the tunnels. Veterans, rich with combat experience and cash can upgrade weapons and armor.Cool online shooter called Raze 3: you have to fight hundreds of different enemies, learn professional use of dozens of the most unimaginable seize guns, grenade launchers and rifles, and all this at an incredibly high-speed. Graphics and dynamics of the game are simply amazing, in fact, as well as great sound and especially believable shots sounds. By the way, you'll not be fighting alone, but in the company of two beloved companions. The game offers a variety of battle arenas, 2 fighting campaigns, 30 levels, 50 weapons, 24 characters and more. Create your ideal soldier for battles. Exciting adventures are waiting for you. You have to win the Raze 3 fights. Choose a weapon, equipment, improve characteristics, destroy the enemy and try to survive. Or play for the enemies and try to destroy the earthlings. Move with arrow keys, or WASD. Spacebar - Jump. Aiming and shooting is done with the mouse. Weapons switching key-«Q» and «E» (or Shift / Enter), specific weapon choice - 1-9. Pause - Esc / P. Good luck.

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